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    About Package

    Time: 2022-11-28 Source: Power Magnetic Components Wholesale Author: Grace Wang

    There are two main packaging forms of our magnetic components, Tape and Reel, Tray packaging.

    1. Tape and Reel

    Tape and Reel is a packaging form with the most extensive application, longest application time, strong adaptability and high SMD processing efficiency, and has been standardized. Except for large-scale components such as QFP, PLCC, and BGA, other SMT components can use this packaging form.

    Our company's tape packaging uses plastic tape, which can package some components slightly larger than paper tape packaging, including rectangular, cylindrical, special-shaped SMC and small SOP. When patching, the upper peeling device on the feeder removes the film cover tape and then takes the material.

    High Quality Low Price Magnetic Components Package Method

    2. Tray packaging

    Tray, also known as Waffle, has a single layer, up to 100 layers. Tray packaging is mainly used for the packaging of components with large size or easily damaged pins, such as QFP, narrow-pitch SOP, PLCC, BGA and other integrated circuits.

    Tray packaging

    Before preparing for export, the packaged magnetic components will be put into a larger carton with a gap of about 5 cm on each side, and the gap will be filled with foam filling material before sealing to prevent shaking. Most electronic components need to be kept dry and clean. Generally, the products are packaged with desiccant and sealed.

    High Quality Low Price Magnetic Components Package Method

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