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    Why Choose us

    With its strong production capacity and experienced top engineers, FKS CoilS occupies a leading position in the field of magnetic components in China.

    1.FKS COILS  Customizes and develops high-quality alternatives to Wurth (WE), TDK, and VAC's products for global customers with top quality and reasonable price!

    2.FKS COILS is a powerful manufacturer with 15 years of experience in professional R&D and manufacturing of transformers, inductors, choke and coils, OEM & ODM designs accepted!

    3.Our R&D team has 15 persons, including 3 doctors and 2 masters. 60% of them have college degree or above. they have rich professional knowledge and experience in the design of inductors, transformers, and common mode choke products.

    4.FKS COILS offers 4-week lead time for bulk orders and 7-day sample lead time. Also some urgent orders can be arranged to meet the urgent needs of customers!

    5.Our prices are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you, this is how our clients are treated.

    6.FKS COILS has a complete quality control system, from raw materials entering the factory to product shipment, 100% testing in each process.

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