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    About Booking & payment

    FKS CoilS is in line with the spirit of "honesty" and "reliable partner" positioning, wholeheartedly provides customers with better products and serviceswith customers, suppliers and agents to establish a long-term relationship of mutual trust and strong relations of cooperation.
    • About Package

      There are two main packaging forms of our magnetic components, Tape and Reel, Tray packaging.Tape and Reel is a packaging form with the most extensive applicat...

    • About Shipping

      FKS CoilS' terms of delivery for the order: EXW, FOB and CIF. if the order quantity is not a lot, we will send it to you by express such as TNT, DHL, UPS or F...

    • About the Factory

      As a professional manufacturer of magnetic components, FKS CoilS welcomes customers from all over the world to visit our factory....

    • About Order

      FKS CoilS accepts both big and small orders. In order to get more orders and give our clients more convenience, please feel free to contact us whaterver a sma...

    • Regarding Payment

      FKS CoilS prepayment method usually is 50% T/T advance payment, +50% balance paid off before shipment.If there are special circumstances, it can be negotiated....

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